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BFYC token holders receive Free Ryoshi Tokens on every single transaction. Relax, trade, hodl, and let Floki go to work for you.

BFYC features an upcoming collection of 7,777 NFTs


Here’s what matters this year: exclusive metaverse club membership, NFTs, P2E gaming, and dope art. Floki gives you all 4.

BFYC has a collection of 7,777 collectible NFTs living on the Ethereum Network. Your unique Floki doesn’t simply look rad, it also allows you to enter the ultra-exclusive Bored Floki Yacht Club in the Sandbox Metaverse. Every holder is granted access to the BFYC Play 2 Earn game—where you can earn BFYC tokens simply by gaming. Boom.

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Support to earn rewards.

BFYC believes that early supporters of a project should be incentivized and rewarded for their loyalty. That’s why early supporters of Bored Floki Yacht Club can earn free BFYC tokens.

Need another reason to join the club? Here's two.


We strive to keep our BFYC members confident in their investments with us.

That’s why it was important that we gave our community the peace of mind of presale, and a solid Techrate Audit and KYC. The results of these audits will be publicly available. Transparency is key in a project of this magnitude—and that’s exactly what we intend to deliver.


BFYC NFTs are minted on the ETH, and therefore the BFYC is a decentralized project.

BFYC is an exclusive club. No member, however, is more important than another or more powerful. We are a family of hodlers with big dreams and dank memes, who will stay loyal to the Bored Floki Yacht Club goals and its Lit NFTs for years to come.


You get in faster if you’re on the guest list.

Get in before the rush. Get whitelisted today for a guaranteed BFYC NFT.

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  • BFYC #1
  • BFYC #3
  • BFYC #3
  • BFYC #4
  • BFYC #5
  • BFYC #6

Here’s what
lies ahead


BFYC is not just a solid tokenomics and dope NFTs. It’s an ongoing project where developers, and the community, continue to add perks, rewards, and value through digital and real-world developments.

In phase 1, we’re all about gaining notoriety. This means launching our website (check!), and going hard with influencer marketing. Early supporters will be rewarded with Ryoshi Tokens. We know how spectacular the BFYC project is, now we gotta shout it from the rooftops. This will be owned, earned, and governed by you, the community.

The moment everyone has been waiting patiently for—the Bored Floki Yacht Club mint. This mint will be like any other. Holders will have the opportunity to select the attributes they prefer, making their Floki completely their own. Flokis will be the new status symbol, based on rarity and attributes. These Flokis are sick. We can’t wait for you to see them all.

Your Floki isn’t just a pretty face, it’s your membership card to the elite Bored Floki Yacht Club. This lounge, which will live in the Sandbox Metaverse, will be a place for investors to have a cocktail, hangout, discuss investments and the future of blockchain technology. At BFYC, you’re around like minded people—relax, unwind, and hodl.

Purchase NFT as your avatar in the BFYC Play 2 Earn game. No additional investment is required, this game rewards players simply by spending some quality time gaming. Test your Floki against others in the community. Those who sit atop the leaderboard gain access to exclusive drops, token rewards, and more!

*We want to keep you informed about the future of the project, to do that we will make regular posts in our community page.

BFYC tokenomics breakdown.

With a low fee of 10% on each transaction, trading BFYC tokens is seamless. Every bit of that 10% goes to supporting the project, the token, and the community. 5% goes directly to the marketing and advertising wallet, 3% is added to the liquidity pool, and 2% goes back to the investor as Ryoshi Tokens.


The total supply of BFYC tokens is 100 Billion. Of this, 10% will be reserved for the Team and vested over a period of 6 months.

Bored Floki Yacht Club
Total supply:
Locked liquidity:
Total fee:



If you’ve been in crypto for any amount, you know marketing is key to success.

That’s why 5% of transaction fees go to the marketing wallet. BFYC is one of the dopest projects in a long time, and we want to spread the word as wide as possible.


Like to make some money while trading? We do too. That’s why 2% of every transaction goes back into the investor’s wallet as Ryoshi Tokens.


You can create a MetaMask wallet using either a desktop computer or an iOS/Android mobile device. Then buy, sell, send, and receive BFYC tokens directly on Metamask or through Pancakeswap.

For each active user transaction, a Ryoshi Token reward of 2% is distributed among all BFYC holders. Just buy, keep BFYC in your wallet and get rewards. To see reflections in your wallet, you'll need to add Ryoshi Token to your wallet.

To support our project, simply join our community channels: Telegram, Twitter, Discord, participate and engage with our content, and spread the word.

Stay tuned for more information on our social media feeds and community channels: Telegram, Twitter, Discord

Knowledge + NFT

How to get whitelisted?

We want to reward early adopters, fans, community members, and hodlers. Join the whitelist today to guarantee your NFT.

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Play and get rewarded with tokens. It’s as simple as that.

P2E is the future, and BYFC members will not be left behind. Not only is this game by award-winning artists, but it rewards users with tokens. Kind of a win-win, no?

Committed. Vocal. Talented.

The team.

We’ve put together a list of all-starx who are passionate, dedicated, and skilled. We hold with you. Welcome to The Club.


Founder + Marketing


Megamind. Ryoshi Father. Bored collector. Surfer.


Designer + Dev


Tinkerer. Unicorn. Architect. Bored collector.




Purist. Flow state. Speaks in pictures.




Word wizard. Big brain energy. Mad lad.




Smart Contract. DAPP. Blockchain Dev.




Consultant. Nature boy. Hypnotist.


Core Mod


The Greek Guy. Bored collector. Strategist.

Message to the community, from Toshiro

I will combine everything I've learned while running previous projects, and I'll use the hype surrounding this product to push as hard as I can. I'll pull out all the big guns and work my hardest to build something that's beyond everyone's expectations. With your help, I'll make it a success.

Techrate verified
and audited smart


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